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vulcan language

Was it even a logical intervention? The canon expressions "Peace and long life" and "Live long and prosper" were translated into a variety of Vulcan languages.

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Normal used to vulcan language so much more Lit: An unusual or vulcan language animal, for example, is NOT necessarily abnormal. If a variant breeds true is it normal, no matter how rare. So we need new words for at least two of these concepts. Tsuri-sehlatThe common sehlat. That leaves us with normal and usual.

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How To Pronounce Vulcan language

Jewelry is complex enough to require a post of its own, so I am listing only a few generic items here. Click the logo below to view it on Youtube. If a variant breeds true is it normal, no matter how rare. There are a few of the ancient characters which appear commonly in modern life. I am looking for beta-testers. Hidden in the Dark by pervycricket Fandoms: Only when you are speaking of an entire state of affairs, would you use the word ut by itself.

Why Can't Some People do the Vulcan Salute?

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Vulcan Language Book

Two things were vulcan language about James Tiberius Kirk from the moment he was born on an irradiated pod bay. Typically, a sash is worn as a part vulcan language most vulcan language dress, except a simple be yip or pep-ahn. Amanda vowed she would never forget those gifts. So we need new words for at least two of these concepts. I remember a grand total of two erotic-themed dreams in all my life, and this voyeuristic one happened last night. Many thanks to all of you who have volunteered to test Zun. Jim is having mixed emotions about his best friend getting close with a woman for the first time in years whilst dealing with certain problems of his own, a problem with pointed ears and a known it all attitude.

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vulcan language

There are many reasons for this. But, there are two primary causes for my publishing tardiness. Let me tell you about both of them. They are only peripherally related to the Golic Vulcan language, but are relevant enough that I think you might find them interesting. I was also on set for much of the filming — specifically when lines of dialogue were being spoken in Klingon by anyone. All of the work I did for the production occurred in the late winter and spring of My contract specifically forbid me from talking in any way about the production, so I laid very low regarding xenolinguistics on Korsaya.

We co-wrote it and I assisted him in shooting it over a period of a total of 14 days in and around San Francisco and Sonoma Co. It has nothing to do with Star Trek , but it is science fiction and it does feature a constructed language which is featured on screen pervasively during the film in its written form. The film is called Senn. You can see more information about it by clicking either of the images below.

I feel that this film would very much appeal to Vulcans. I encourage you to check it out and if what you see appeals to you, please LIKE the project on Facebook if you are on Facebook.

Thank you again and if you would like to join the testing group now for the first time, please request a package at the address above. Zun is a cross-platform TrueType font for Vulcan specifically Golic Vulcan written in the standard not calligraphic style. I am looking for beta-testers.

Thanks in advance for your interest. Hi dungi sarlah ein-kilkaya. Click the image below to see the full story in English. The standard response is to give the most subtle nod or tilt of the head to indicate that one has understood the recognition. A more complete introduction to Vulcan handwriting with all letters and conventions is available HERE.

She would be happy to discuss it with you in the Forum. Peace and long life to you and all of those whom you hold dear —. Many thanks to all of you who have volunteered to test Zun. Behold, the calligraphic numerals. My thanks to any who might have been waiting patiently. JJ Abrams announced this week in a brief interview with the Hollywood media that he is officially committed to directing the next Star Trek film. Of particular interest among his comments is the fact that he explicitly stated that Bad Robot is focusing on trying to to get the story right to be appealing to the fans.

Those of us who are particularly interested in the Vulcans and their language and culture will be hoping that those themes are at least touched upon in the next film considering the devastating loss of their world in The modern Vulcan script is the most common in everyday life. While most educated members of society can easily read traditional calligraphy and it is also quite prevalent, they rarely think of it as purely utilitarian. Статьи без изображений объекты менее указанного лимита: Статьи без изображений тип: Статьи по алфавиту ПРО: Пространства имён Статья Обсуждение.

Эта страница в последний раз была отредактирована 29 сентября в Текст доступен по лицензии Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike ; в отдельных случаях могут действовать дополнительные условия. Политика конфиденциальности Описание Википедии Отказ от ответственности Свяжитесь с нами Разработчики Соглашение о cookie Мобильная версия. Linux , Android Nougat , Windows. Author Theodore Sturgeon and rewriters Stan Robertson, Joan Pierce and Peter Sloman included numerous details of Vulcan customs and words, even specifying what the characters should be wearing.

Numerous lengthy Vulcan speeches were cut. Sloman, apparently something of a conlanger , developed many unused words and even a syntax. In the original script Stonn was to say a few words which viewers could presume were uncomplimentary toward Spock. Spock was to look at Kirk without recognition and shout "Kikki-nee klart!

However, James Blish worked from an earlier version of the script and included the klee-fah business. Sturgeon was less than thrilled by the many changes to his original script, but took two weeks and submitted a second draft with the suggested changes. The only other words of Vulcan in this story were sehlat and tal shaya.

These words too are well known to fans. The Vulcans learned that centuries before we did. It is basic to the Vulcan philosophy, sir. The combination of a number of things The philosophy of "Nome," meaning all. How did I know that? Just as I seem to know that on the planet surface you will meet one of the greatest living Vulcans in the history of your planet. My mind cannot recall his name, but I know he will be there.

vulcan language

Vulcan language Well, he didn’t sehlat, but he was very ta’al.

Normal used to mean so much more Lit: An unusual or rare animal, for example, is NOT necessarily abnormal. If a variant breeds true is it normal, no matter how rare. So we need new words for at least two of these concepts.

Tsuri-sehlat , The common sehlat. That leaves us with normal and usual. In some cases, it can also be applied as a stand-alone word. Only when you are speaking of an entire state of affairs, would you use the word ut by itself. Saviik, what is the state of our warp core?

Saviik, object marker state our warp core what? Typical is another synonym for normal and the word ves, meaning type already exists. This should be expanded as follows: And now for usual: So I created the word, warop. Customary is another word that can be synonymous with usual.

This word already exists in usable forms. A small thing we share. TAWn kh P eh. Again, the modern meaning and usage derives from a much older connotation which is not necessarily well served, or made immediately obvious, by a literal translation. What are you wearing? This is a supplement to the basic VLD Vulcan Language Dictionary , containing many common words referring to clothing that were omitted from the original.

Several of the words included here do appear in the VLD and are used as a base for evolving the new words and such words are colored blue. Most of the words in this list are neologisms. All are derived from or, I believe, logically grow out of existing words or phonemes, where such is possible in some cases, no root word or concept exists. Most of the new words, however, refer to clothing in one way or another. There are new words in this list.

A knot, generic , a fastening made by tying strings or threads to form a connection; a mass of chaotically tangled threads or hairs.

A button in the form of a complex knot, as in frogging see: Button, a small fastener for fabric, designed to pass through a slit or button hole.

Button loop, a loop of string designed to loop over a button to hold a garment closed. Button hole, a slit or hole in a piece of fabric designed to accept a button to keep a garment closed.

Naked or nude lit: Lacking cultural taboos regarding nudity, Vulcans do not see being naked as a state of being without clothing, but as a normal physical state which simply is. Worn as an ornament over, or attached to clothing. Sometimes they are jeweled, often not. Ceremonial epaulets, fabric or otherwise structured ornaments for the shoulders. Come in various styles.

To wrap, to cover or enclose in a soft material such as cloth or paper. Clothing generic , covering for the body, generally made of cloth or other supple material such as leather.

An electrostatic seam connecting two pieces of fabric along an edge, a high-tech zipper. Dressing a medical bandage included for context and reference. A yoke or very wide collar. More often worn as part of ritual clothing. Sometimes also describes the shoulder portion of an article of clothing.

A note on robes: Often this is all that is worn as daily dress. A simple sash san-wun can be worn over the beyip. A more elaborate sash osan-wun typically consisting of two or three bands, is usually worn over this.

The sash is often accented by the wun-elakh, an elaborately-tied cord cincture. A close-fitting garment covering the body from neck to feet. The front wraps left over right and is attached on the right side. Worn as casual wear for business or other activities. May be worn with a san-wun.

A close-fitting, long-sleeved, floor-length dress, often worn with a light opelal. Similar to a pel-ahn. Worn on less-formal occasions. A light ankle-length garment, typically with long sleeves similar to a cassock or thawb often worn as casual everyday dress. Crosses left over right to fasten at the right shoulder.

Typically not worn with a san-wun. Looser and more utilitarian than a beyip. Robe generic , a simple floor-length garment for formal or casual wear by either sex. Note that there are many different types of robe. Medium-length robe, wrapped left to right and fastened on the right side with several buttons. Sometimes worn with malanu, often not.

A short robe or jacket, similar a to-pal-el, worn as outer wear. Fastens at the middle. It is cut or turned away to the sides showing the trousers malanu or malapen worn beneath. Shawl, a light covering worn wrapped around the shoulders. Often brightly-colored and patterned. An outer, sleeved robe, usually of heavier and elegant fabric, worn over the beyip and under the opelal. A cope or short cape. Typically has a hood and wide lapels which extend below the lower edge in front.

Spock can be seen wearing one when he arrives on the bridge of the enterprise in ST: A long, calf- or floor-length garment, typically with a hood and openings at the sides to allow the arms to pass through. Similar to an opeleal, though more utilitarian. Seldom made of costly fabric. A ritual vestment, similar to a narrow chasuble. A strip of heavy fabric, shoulder-width or slightly broader, with a hole in the middle for the head. Most narrow as they descend, some come to a point.

A ritual vestment rather like a rationale, worn across the shoulders and draped down the front and back. Coat, a heavy outer garment with long sleeves, often with a hood, worn in cold weather rare on Vulcan. Fastens down the front. Knee or floor length. A light jacket of hip- or thigh-length or a bit longer, open at the front, not typically worn closed.

Usually has a high collar. A generally utilitarian piece of clothing worn for everyday use. Worn with more elaborate under robes. A ceremonial jacket, knee length, open to the front with the edges turned back or cut away to reveal the malanu or legs beneath. A ritual cloak of breezes. A sheer, draped, sleeveless garment worn for ritual functions, typically by lesser celebrants.

Typically, a sash is worn as a part of most daily dress, except a simple be yip or pep-ahn. It is also not worn with a jacket, especially if the jacket is worn open, like a to-pal-el. The ends of a sash can be worn long, sometimes nearly to the ground or, at other times, a stylized knot san-bezh-af is tied to keep the ends close and flat against the san-wun. Honorable sash, typically consisting of two or three bands, each a bit wider than a typical san-wun.

A sash knot, a stylized knot that lays flat against the san-wun. Sash, a strip of cloth worn wrapped around the body, typically to hold a robe in place. A belt, a strip of cloth or leather worn around the hips, often with a buckle tersek to keep it in place. A wide belt, often composed of two or three narrower belts, with several buckles.

An elaborately-tied cord cincture worn with a formal osan-wun q.


Ceremonial epaulets, fabric or otherwise structured ornaments for the shoulders. Safari displays page content well but the vulcan language link buttons do not render well. A note on robes: Two, he had multiple soulmates, who controlled vast parts of his body-an unprecedented anomaly in all recorded species across the galaxy. We mainly focus on the first two. Fastens at the middle. A ritual cloak of breezes.

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